Winter issue of Blake, An Illustrated Quarterly out

The latest issue of Blake, An Illustrated Quarterly (Winter 2023/24) is available from today.

Volume 57, issue 3 of the Blake, An Illustrated Quarterly is available online from today. The Winter issue includes:

An announcement from the editors Morris Eaves and Morton D. Paley noting that Sibylle Erle replaces Alexander Gourlay as the new reviews editor for the journal.
An article on "Blake’s Hervey, Thomas Butts, and Methodism" by Dennis M. Read.
An interview with with David Bindman and Esther Chadwick by Luisa Calè.
A discussion regarding a copy of Richard Bentley’s Edition of Paradise Lost in William Hayley’s Library c. 1802 by Mark Crosby.

This and other issues are available at the Blake, An Illustrated Quarterly web site.