William Blake in Songs and Words at la Maison de la Poésie

Susheela Raman, Sam Mills and Jean Marc Barr perform Blake's words in Paris with a presentation by Camille Adnot.

On March 22, Jean Marc Barr, Susheela Raman & Sam Mills will perform "A Golden Thread: William Blake in songs and words" at la Maison de la Poésie, Paris:

The writings and inspirations of the visionary poet and artist William Blake (1757 -1827) are brought to life in French and English by two powerful performers, singer Susheela Raman and actor Jean-Marc Barr, accompanied by music by Sam Mills. With an introduction by Camille Adnot, Blake specialist, and a visual projection created by Stephen Ellcock.

Susheela Raman as singer, composer and curator moves between genres, across frontiers into new spaces with uncanny ease. Born to South Indian parents in London and raised in Australia, she has released seven studio albums and is known for her beguiling and her incandescent and otherworldly stage presence.

Jean-Marc Barr is a French-American film actor and director. He is best known for working on several films from Danish film director and frequent collaborator Lars von Trier.

Sam Mills was a founding member of 23 Skidoo in 1979 and stayed with the band until 1982. He went on to study anthropology at London School of Economics. In 1986 he travelled to India which lead to him being involved in the music of the Bauls.

Camille Adnot is a PhD Candidate at Université Paris Cité and a Teaching and Research Fellow at Université Paris-Est Créteil.

Tickets for A Golden Thread can be booked via la Maison de la Poésie web site.