The Imagination Renaissance talk in Lisbon

A talk on digital art and artists in Lisbon on 8 May takes some of its inspiration from William Blake.

The year-long exhibition D-Art Encounters, which includes Blake-inspired artists, will host a talk on “THE IMAGINATION RENAISSANCE: Digital Artists & the Age of New Ideas”:

Do digital artists hold the key to re-igniting our imaginations? What separates invention & reinvention… recycling & repetition? Listen in to our panel as they discuss how the “imagination” has evolved in the digital world and where it will go in the 21st century ahead.

​“The imagination is not a state: it is the human existence itself.” - William Blake

​Are the new tools of the digital world having a negative or positive impact on our cognitive function? This panel will dive into the various facets of the digital world significantly contributing, shifting and changing our imaginations. Plus, how are artists exploring these tools? Who are the artists really pushing the boundaries today? What can we, as audience members do to cultivate a community supporting new ideas and exploration? Find out by joining us for the second series of D-ENCOUNTERS, in partnership with Muro and Poolside.

The talk takes place 6.30-8.30 PM at Poolside, Lisboa. Tickets available from Luma.