Simone Giorgio compares the visions of Blake, Gianni Celati, and Henri Michaux

A new paper in Griselda Online considers visions of liberation in these three writers.

Volume 22, issue 1 of the Griselda Online includes an article by Simone Giorgio, "Tradurre la visione: Celati, Blake, Michaux":

The essay investigates Gianni Celati’s relationship with two different authors such as William Blake and Henri Michaux. Starting from the reproposal of some excerpts of their works on «Il semplice», it is exposed how Celati’s interest in these writers is linked to themes such as vision and liberation from social constraints - two topics variously treated by Celati in his works.

Simone Giorgio is a doctoral student at the Università di Trento.

This paper is available at the Griselda Online. (Open Access, Italian.)