New collection considers innovative ways to employ Blake in the classroom

This collection edited by Jeff McLaughlin includes a consideration of ways to use Blake in the classroom

The collected edition Literary Imagination and Professional Knowledge: Using Literature in Teacher Education includes a chapter by the editor, Jeff McLauglin, "The Crooked Roads of Genius: William Blake and Educational Psychology":

Literary Imagination and Professional Knowledge: Using Literature in Teacher Education establishes a foundation for expanding the use of literature in teacher education curricula. The contributors to this collection have a wide variety of education and experience, thus bringing a richness to the content of the volume.
Literature can be a valuable means for illuminating subject matter in college courses focused on educational psychology, educational foundations, human development, educational assessment, and other areas critical to the development of future teachers. When literary excerpts are incorporated into the presentation of content, the resulting connections can serve to enhance--in both quality and scope--student understanding and classroom discussions.

Jeff McLaughlin is Professor Emeritus at West Chester University of Pennsylvania. A former elementary school teacher, he received his B.S.Ed. at Indiana University of Pennsylvania and began his teaching career at Horace Mann Elementary School in Indiana, Pennsylvania. Later, Jeff earned his M.S. (Curriculum and Instruction) at The Pennsylvania State University and Ph.D. at Temple University (Psychological Studies in Education), as he also transitioned from teaching elementary school to higher education. Prior to West Chester University, Jeff taught at Kutztown University of Pennsylvania, Temple University, and the State University of New York at Oneonta. His research interests have included teacher identity, teacher authority and autonomy, and unconventional teaching methods.

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