New article compares the work of Blake and Kazakh poet

This comparative analysis draws attention to similarities in the poetry of William Blake and Ahmed Yasawi

Volum 73, issue 2 of Izvestia of KazUMOiWL has a new paper by Zh.A. Suleimonova, A,A. Aldabergenova, and N.A. Yildiz, "Spiritual Themes and Poetic Style, Comparative Analysis in Yasawi and Blake's Works":

This article presents a comparative analysis of the works of Akhmet Yasawi, a representative of the Kazakh literary tradition, and William Blake, a great poet of the English Romantic school. The study aims to identify common spiritual themes and artistic strategies in the works of these two poets, as well as to search for possible relationships in their poetic styles.

Both poets address deep spiritual themes such as love, mysticism, and the meaning of human existence. The analysis reveals unique features and similar motifs in the works of Yassawi and Blake, demonstrating how they use artistic devices to express their philosophical beliefs.

The article helps readers delve deeply into the poetry of Yassawi and Blake, revealing the common themes and symbols that permeate their works. Not only the texts themselves are analyzed, but also the context in which they were created, reflecting the influence of cultural, religious and philosophical factors on their work.

The study aims not only to broaden our understanding of the poetry of Yassawi and Blake, but also to highlight the universality of the themes touched upon in literature from different cultural traditions. It invites the reader to immerse themselves in the world of mysticism, love and spiritual quest, providing new keys to interpreting the works of these outstanding poets.

The study utilized methodological approaches such as textual analysis, comparative analysis, semiotic analysis, literary review, and critical theory. The comparative analysis of the works represents a relevant study that enriches the cultural dialogue and reveals the deep spiritual aspects of their work that are relevant to the contemporary global context.

Studying the works of these authors has both practical value for a deeper understanding of cultural and spiritual contexts, and theoretical value, since it provides a basis for a broader discussion about the influence of literature on intercultural dialogue.

Zh.A. Suleimonova, is Senior Lecturer, L. N. Gumilyov Eurasian National University, Astana, Kazakhstan; A,A. Aldabergenova is Associate Professor, Kazakh Ablai khan University of International Relations and World Languages, Almaty, Kazakhstan; and N.A. Yildiz is Professor, Haji Bayram Veli Ankara University Ankara, Turkey.

"Spiritual Themes and Poetic Style, Comparative Analysis in Yasawi and Blake's Works" can be downloaded from the Ablaikan bulletin web site (open access, Russian and English).