La Venaria Reale announces new Blake exhibition for Autumn

La Venaria Reale has just announced provisional dates for a new exhibition on Blake in collaboration with Tate Britain.
In their third collaboration with the Tate, La Venaria Reale in Torino has announced provisional dates for a new exhibition based on the art of William Blake, which will run from Friday, 25 October 2024 to Sunday, 26 January 2025.
The third extraordinary exhibition in collaboration with Tate Londra is dedicated to another great protagonist of Romantic English painting: William Blake. The visionary works of William Blake - presented in the exhibition next to those of artists such as Henry Fuseli, James Barry and John Hamilton Mortimer, important references for Blake’s art - continue to inspire generations of artists and are now recognised as a unique contribution to world culture.

Tickets for the event can be booked at La Venaria Reale web site.