Jason Wright to talk to the Blake Society about Job and healing

Author and psychotherapist Jason Wright will lead an exploration of Blake’s work in the context of psychic and spiritual wholeness and healing, and the sense of community this work offers at a time of change.

The Blake Society will host a talk on 7 February, 2024, by author and psychotherapist, Jason Wright, "Blake’s Illustrations for the Book of Job: A Healing Journey":

Blake’s experience is as relevant today as when he first articulated it, during the white heat of the Enlightenment and the Industrial Revolution. In my recently published book I have used Blake’s Illustrations of the Book of Job to frame psychological and spiritual change and to articulate, particularly, our Western experience. I am wont to say Job is the story of our time, and addiction the symptom

Jason Wright has worked for over twenty years offering counselling and psychotherapy to support people and help them to relieve their suffering.

The talk starts at 7.30. Registration is free and tickets can be booked via The Blake Society website.