Computer scientists consider integrating Blake, Picasso and Chagall with AI

Tula Giannini and Jonathan Bowen consider the future of AI generative art and historical art works

The July issue of The Computer Journali includes an article by Tula Giannini and Jonathan P. Bowen, "Generative Art and Computational Imagination: Integrating poetry and art":

This paper focuses on how generative art is poised to change the relationship of poetry and image as it veers from traditional practice, we explore the work of William Blake (1757– 1827), Pablo Picasso (1881–1973) and Marc Chagall (1887–1985), artists who have merged their poetry and art, harmonizing these two forms of expression. The use of generative art as a counterpoint to poetry is considered, especially using DALL.E 2. The authors posit that such artificial Intelligence approaches to multimedia presentation of poetry and visual art will become more widespread in the future

Tula Giannini is the former Dean and Professor, School of Information, Pratt Institute, and Jonathan Bowen is Chairman of Museophile Limited (founded in 2002), an Emeritus Professor at London South Bank University, where he was Professor of Computing, establishing and heading the Centre for Applied Formal Methods from 2000

This paper is available at the Science Open web site. (Open Access.)