A consideration of Blake’s poetry from a natural resources perspective

This paper by Uzbekistan academic Sulaymanova Dilnoza Khamzayevna explores Blake's perspectives on nature.

Volume 2, issue 4 of the Journal of Education, Ethics and Value includes an article by Sulaymanova Dilnoza Khamzayevna, "The Relation of Person and Nature in William Blake's Poetry":

This article analyzes the poems of William Blake, one of the prominent representatives of English romantic literature. Like other contemporaries, William Blake emphasizes the image of nature in his work.The combination of the image of nature and mythical events, religious ideas is an important aspect of the artist.

Sulaymanova Dilnoza Khamzayevna is Assistant of Bukhara Institute of Natural Resources Management

This paper is available at the Journal of Education, Ethics and Value. (Open Access.)