The Global Blake Network

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The many lives of William Blake

Global Blake is an international network of scholars working on William Blake and all aspects of his poetry and art was established in January 2022.

From almost complete obscurity following his death in 1827, William Blake has become one of the most important figures in British cultural life. What is less understood, outside certain pockets such as the USA and Japan, is the significance of Blake elsewhere in the world.

Today, Blake’s global presence cannot be underestimated. The aim of the Network is to showcase the wide variety of scholarship on Blake or global 'Blakes' and to provide an overview of the appropriations or rewritings as well as international scholarship on Blake which falls into three categories: art, literature and music.

The Network is dedicated creating an environment that is productive and conducive for all who engage in scholarship on the work and art of William Blake. Its members are involved in research relating to English literature, art history, reception, navigating between archival work and media studies, reading and viewing Blake, through the lenses of literary theory and historicisms, as well as consideration of contexts, printing technologies and the politics in Blake and in Blake studies from the eighteenth century to the present day. The Network invites established as well as emerging authors and researchers to partake in its In Conversation Series as well as Events, such as Symposia and Conferences.

The Global Blake Network exists in partnership with the University of Lincoln and The Blake Society.